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The official online store of Brave GK — a specialized online store that offers goalkeeper gloves, thermal underwear, football equipment for children and adults, and other sports equipment. The entire range of the store is the original products of Brave GK, the Ukrainian brand of professional sports equipment. Delivery of gloves for goalkeepers and other sporting goods is carried out throughout the territory of Ukraine.

The official Brave GK online store assortment

The catalog of the Brave GK brand presents professional gloves for goalkeepers, sports equipment, hoodies, thermal underwear, gaming goalkeeper uniforms, as well as soccer balls, shin guards, and other equipment. Our football online store offers goalkeepers exclusive Brave GK goalkeeper gloves, designed by Ukrainian goalkeeper Rustam Khudzhamov. In the assortment, you will find various gloves made of high-quality German latex for adults and children.

Brave GK goalkeeper gloves

Brave GK goalie gloves are guaranteed to be of high quality, thanks to the ability to control the entire process of creating each pair at our own production facilities. Also, one of the main advantages of the Brave GK goalkeeping gloves is the exceptional quality of materials, the use of silicone in the palm design, additional protection for the fingers, reliable fixation, and a comfortable fit on the hand. In addition, each model is made according to the Brave GK original design.
Also, in the official online store of the Brave GK brand, you can buy sports equipment, football equipment, and functional clothing for sports. Our assortment offers exclusive products of the Brave GK brand – thermal underwear, hoodies, goalkeeper uniforms, soccer balls, and shin guards.
In order to buy Brave GK goalie gloves or other sports goods with delivery in Ukraine, you need to choose the desired size and model, fill out the form with the necessary data, and make a purchase. Also, you can ask your questions by phone or send an email to us.

Brave GK сhildren's goalkeeper gloves

In the official online store of the Brave GK football equipment brand, you will find a large assortment of goalkeeper gloves for children. Our catalog offers children's goalkeeper gloves of exceptional quality made of natural German latex and modern silicone at an affordable price with delivery in Ukraine. When buying goalkeeper gloves for children in our online store, you not only get a guarantee of quality, but also safe, comfortable, and professional gloves with a unique design and improved wear resistance. Also, each pair of gloves is an original product of Brave GK - the first Ukrainian brand of football equipment with an exclusive design, author's innovations, and unique tailoring technology.

Brave GK Goalkeeper equipment

Goalkeeping equipment is extremely important for the goalkeeper's productivity both during the game and during training. Usually, a set of equipment is selected for a certain type of field. For example, shorts and a jacket are suitable for playing on the grass, while for playing on a hard surface, you should buy pants and a long-sleeve jacket.
In the official online store of the first Ukrainian brand of football equipment Brave GK, you will find a wide range of professional goalkeeper equipment. In addition to goalkeeper T-shirts, pants and shorts, we also offer various protective elements — shields, elbow pads, and knee pads. All products are made of high-quality materials in our own production.

Brave GK Soccer Balls

In the catalog of the official online store of football equipment Brave GK, you will find exclusive balls for football. Soccer balls of the Brave GK brand are original products with an exclusive design and a unique sewing technology that allows you to significantly extend the period of service of each ball. In addition, the materials used for the manufacture of Brave GK soccer balls are modern and absolutely safe. You can order a soccer ball with delivery in Ukraine on our website.

Brave GK Clothing

In addition to football equipment, equipment, and goalkeeper gloves, Brave GK is also engaged in the production of casual clothing. Our online store presents a wide range of sportswear for every day — insulated hoodies, shorts, T-shirts, polos, and windbreakers for adults and children. All products are made according to an exclusive design using high-quality materials, which guarantees comfort and reliability during wear. Delivery is carried out throughout the territory of Ukraine.
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