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Kids Brave GK Diamond
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Kids Brave GK Diamond

Modern technologies and durable materials
As part of the new Brave GK line, we present the new children's goalkeeper gloves Diamond: an analogue of the eponymous model for adults, developed with the participation of George Bushchan. A unique offer for young goalkeepers that allows them to play and train at the highest level. The Brave GK Diamond goalkeeper gloves model combines an elegant minimalist aesthetic with a modern technological foundation.

The new children's goalkeeper gloves Brave GK Diamond are the result of the modernization of two professional models PHANTOM and AQUA, created at different times for Heorhiy Bushchan from Dynamo (Kyiv) and the national team of Ukraine.

In terms of design, we restyled the AQUA glove, one of the first Brave GK exclusives for Buschan. It was developed in close cooperation with the goalkeeper of Dynamo and includes all the visual advantages that he liked so much in his time. In 2022, we are returning to that style, giving it 3D technology and new colors. The Brave GK Diamond has a white base with a graphite insert on the backhand that perfectly complements the classic mint Tiffany Blue logo.

As for the technological basis, the Brave GK Diamond children's goalkeeper gloves are developed on the basis of PHANTOM. For the palm and backhand, we used German latex, which is strong and wear-resistant. The thumb also has a new design element: we wrapped the palm around the finger to give the gloves a better grip, extra grip and comfort.

Product information
  • Latex: 4 mm Supreme Contact + 4 mm foam padding.
  • Cut of fingers: Rollfinger.
  • Fix Fit System: silicone inserts in the palm for perfect ball retention.
  • Backhand: 4 mm NB latex + 4 mm lining with thermoregulatory properties.
  • Model color: White/Mint/Graphite.
  • Protective inserts: no.

Children goalkeeper gloves Brave GK Diamond

Unique goalkeeper gloves for children, repeating the model for professionals, developed with the participation of our ambassador George Bushchan. In the children's version, we use the same great combination of style, technology and quality as in the original. With the only exception that children's goalkeeper gloves have a more durable and stronger Backhand. We made this part of the gloves from particularly strong German latex, which allowed us to achieve the perfect combination of price and quality.

The Brave GK Diamond Kids' Goalkeeper Gloves offer a sophisticated style built on a combination of white, graphite and Tiffany Blue. Due to painstaking work on form, technologies and materials, we were able to guarantee exceptional performance.

Around the thumb, we made a unique design and visual solution: the palm rotates around it, providing a more effective grip, better fixation and comfort for the goalkeeper. Brave GK's Diamond goalkeeper gloves for children effectively protect children from damage and injuries during the game.

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Detailed information about technologies and materials

  • Latex: 4 mm Supreme Contact + 4 mm foam padding.
  • Latex made in Germany.
  • Finger shape: Rollfinger
  • Fix Fit System: silicone inserts in the palm for perfect control of the ball.
  • Backhand: 4 mm NB latex + 4 mm lining with thermoregulatory properties.
  • Model color: White/Mint/Graphite.
  • Protective inserts on the fingers: no.
  • For all weather conditions.
  • Highly effective sticky latex.
  • Elastic fastener made of latex with Velcro.
  • The glove has an anatomical shape that ensures reliable fixation on the hand.
  • Latex on the thumb: the palm wraps around the thumb, which creates an ergonomic shape and an even tighter fit.
  • Purpose: training and playing.
  • Fixing cuff: highly elastic fabric for additional wrist support.
  • Optimized for playing in rainy weather.
  • Protection from cold and wind.