Goalkeeper Glove care instructions

  1. Care and cleaning before use.

    Before first use, goalkeeper gloves should be rinsed under warm running water and allowed to dry naturally, away from strong sources of light or heat. We also recommend moisturizing your palms before playing to make the latex even more sticky for maximum grip. Moisturize the latex surface of the palm 2 hours before playing by placing the gloves under warm water for a few seconds. Make sure not to put water on the entire surface of the gloves, only the palm.

  2. Can goalkeeper gloves be machine washed?

    Each manufacturer of goalkeeper gloves indicates detailed care instructions on the packaging. Follow the instructions to have the gloves serving you as long as possible. If the manufacturer has not left any instructions for laundering and you are in doubt about whether it might harm the gloves or not - just do the hand wash. Never machine wash your goalkeeper gloves without making sure the manufacturer recommends it.

  3. How to wash goalkeeper gloves properly?

    Goalkeeper gloves should be washed in warm water after every game or training. The water temperature should not exceed 30 ° C. It is important to dry the gloves naturally after washing by leaving them out of direct sunlight. If the dirt is not washed off under warm running water, you can use special cleaning products for washing goalkeeper gloves.

    Also, do not use hard brushes for washing, as mechanical damage can shorten the life of goalkeeper gloves. Put a glove on your hand and submerge it in the water, with the help of the other hand clean the dirt. Rinse the glove under running water to remove any remaining dirt and repeat the procedure with another glove. Never twist or wring the gloves to avoid deformation.

  4. Can goalkeeper gloves be washed with a soap?

    No matter how dirty your goalkeeper gloves are, you should not use soap to wash them, as it can overdry the latex and make the gloves ineffective. There are professional laundry detergents that carefully remove all dirt without harming the gloves. A wide range of laundry products offers goalkeepers various sprays for convenient and safe washing care of goalkeeper gloves.

  5. How to dry goalkeeper gloves?

    After washing, goalkeeper gloves must be properly dried. The easiest, most effective, and safest way to dry the gloves is to air dry them by placing the gloves on a flat surface out of direct sunlight. It is not recommended to dry gloves on a radiator or with a hairdryer.

  6. Proper storage of goalkeeper gloves.

    After the gloves are dry, put them in a special case or bag. But do not store the gloves with the palm sides facing each other as they can stick together and damage the latex.

  7. How to improve the grip?
    Gloves are most effective when they are neither too wet nor too dry, so it is important to keep them slightly wet most of the time. Also, remember to moisturize your palms a few hours before playing to increase the grip. Moreover, there are special grip enhancers. Simply spray the product onto your palm and rinse thoroughly after playing or training.
  8. Goalkeeper glove care products.
    Soft spray can be used to care for the goalkeeper's gloves. This tool gently removes dirt, retains the properties of adhesion latex, and extends the life of goalkeeper gloves. Detergent should be sprayed on the palms of gloves pre-soaked in water. Once the gloves are wet, rub the detergent with light movements and rinse it again under running water.
  9. How to extend life of goalkeeper gloves?

    In order to increase the lifespan of goalkeeper gloves it is important to follow all the care recommendations indicated by the manufacturer - wash after each game and workout, do not use aggressive detergents, dry it exclusively in a natural way. As a result, constant and gentle care will help you maintain the performance of your goalkeeper gloves and make them more durable.