Goalkeeper padded 3/4 Brave GK
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Goalkeeper padded 3/4 Brave GK
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Goalkeeper padded 3/4

The universal goalkeeper breeches Brave GK with modern elements of protection guarantee comfort, safety and reliability in any game and weather conditions. Lightweight polyester, from which the breeches are made, provides effective moisture removal and the necessary thermoregulation, which makes it convenient to use them both in warm and cold seasons.

The functional advantage of the model is the protective zone, which was designed to protect the knees and thighs – the areas that are most susceptible to injury. The narrowed anatomical cut fits snugly and even during active movements helps to keep the protective elements in their place.

Product information
  • Material: Polyester, Oxford 600.
  • Model Color: Black.
  • Cut according to the figure.
  • Thermoregulation and moisture transmission.
  • For football classes.
  • Machine washable.
  • Protection: yes.

Functional goalkeeper breeches Brave GK with protection

Reliable, comfortable, wear-resistant and versatile goalkeeper breeches Brave GK for professional goalkeepers are made of advanced polyester, equipped with protective inserts that guarantee protection of the knees and thighs during falls and provide the necessary functionality during sports loads.

You can order Brave GK goalkeeper breeches with protection with delivery in Ukraine on the official website of the Brave GK online equipment store. The laconic structure of the catalog and the possibility of quick ordering allows you to purchase goalkeeping breeches in a convenient way for you.