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Brave GK Skill
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Goalkeeper gloves Brave GK Skill

Even more benefits
Professional goalkeeper gloves with increased grip Brave GK Skill guarantee record performance in both wet and dry conditions. The advanced palm design, made of natural latex, absorbs shock and helps the goalkeeper fully focusing on the game.

Special protective inserts increase safety and help the goalkeeper to avoid serious injuries. The original cut, as well as carefully selected materials, make the gloves even lighter and at the same time durable.

Product information
  • Latex: 4 мм SP Plus latex + 4 mm of backing foam.
  • Finger fit: Roll / Negative.
  • Fix Fit System: silicone inserts in the palm area for effective control of the ball.
  • Backhand: 4 mm NB latex + 4 mm backing with thermoregulation system.
  • Model color: Red/Black/White.
  • Protective inserts: no.

Advanced goalkeeper gloves Brave GK Skill

New gloves for goalkeepers Brave GK Skill are distinguished by a unique technology, the use of high-quality natural latex, as well as an exclusive design from Rustam Khudzhamov. Also, the gloves have a secure fixation system and an area for personalization.

In addition, the innovative model provides a high level of protection and freedom of movement. The lightweight design allows you to unlock the goalkeeper's potential and show all your skills on a full scale.

You can buy Brave GK Skill goalkeeper gloves on the official website of Brave GK. Detailed product information and a simplified ordering system will allow you to order the Brave GK Skill gloves with comfort.

Detailed information on technologies and materials:

  • Latex: 4 мм SP Plus latex + 4 mm of backing foam.
  • German latex.
  • Finger fit: Roll/Negative.
  • Ventilation: perforated inserts between the fingers ensure optimal airing.
  • Fix Fit System: silicone spray inside the fingers for maximum ball control.
  • Backhand: 4 mm NB latex + 4 mm backing with thermoregulation system.
  • Colors: Red/Black/White.
  • Protective inserts: no.
  • For all weather conditions.
  • Elastic hook-and-loop closure made from latex.
  • Latex on the thumb: the palm is wrapped around the thumb for an ergonomic shape and increased grip.
  • Purpose: for trainings and professional gaming.
  • Fixed cuff: highly elastic fabric guarantees a perfect fit and extra wrist support.
  • Lightweight thumb construction with latex overlap at Backhand.
  • Wrap-around palm design transitioning to the backhand area for additional grip.
  • Embossed fingers for natural and quality ball grip.