• General information

    Full name
    Andriy Oleksiyovych Lunin
    Date of birth
    11 February 1999
    191 сm
    80 kg
    Real Madrid
  • Lunin plays for Real Madrid

    Talented, purposeful and brave - a set of qualities that became the basis for the professional success of the Ukrainian goalkeeper Andriy Lunin. Thanks to his true sporting temperament and rare perseverance, Lunin, at the age of 19, signed a contract for 6 seasons with the world-famous football club – “Real Madrid”.

    In August 2018, Andriy won his first trophy in a bid for the Santiago Bernabeu Cup. In the 78th minute of the match, Lunin subbed out and did not concede a single goal to the royal team. “Real Madrid” defeated “Milan” with a score 3:1. Since January 2020, Lunin played on loan for Real Oviedo, where he managed to establish himself as an amazing goalkeeper and attract the attention of world football. Before the start of the 2020/21 season, it became officially known that the goalkeeper is returning to FC “Real Madrid”.