Thermal underwear and protection for goalkeepers

Thermal underwear and protection for goalkeepers

The goalkeeper's equipment includes goalkeeper gloves, protective elements, and functional thermal underwear. All this is necessary in order to guarantee the player maximum performance in all conditions.

Goalkeeper thermal underwear - advantages and functionality

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What are the features of thermal underwear for goalkeepers? First, the main difference is the tailoring technology and the choice of materials. Secondly, goalkeeper thermal underwear does not allow the penetration of cold to the player's body, thanks to a special material inside which an air layer being created.

The air inside the fabric acts as a buffer. This air exchange technology allows the skin to breathe freely. In addition, along with the air comes out and excess moisture, which appears during intense physical exertion.

To understand that you are dealing with thermal underwear for goalkeepers, you can pay attention to the material from which it is created. In most cases, the composition of thermal underwear includes cotton, wool, or polyester. Combinations of these materials are possible.


The thermal underwear is made of nylon, polyester, or a blend of polyester, is ideal for goalkeepers, absorbs moisture exceptionally well, and helps the goalkeeper stay productive.


Unlike synthetic materials, wool is more conducive to maintaining the required temperature, but it does not remove moisture so effectively.


Cotton thermal underwear has a soft and comfortable texture, absorbs moisture well. Such thermal underwear has to be washed exclusively by hand without aggressive detergents.

Thermal underwear designed for normal wear does not have all the properties that are important for athletes. Therefore, for professional goalkeepers, the best thermal underwear is made exclusively from synthetics.

If the composition of thermal underwear consists mainly of synthetic fibers, this means that its ability to transmit moisture is much greater than if it were made only from natural threads. Polyester has long proved its effectiveness, so it is most often used in the production of thermal underwear. Brave GK goalkeeper thermal underwear is also made of polyester.

How to choose the right thermal underwear

Goalkeeper thermal underwear Brave GK official online store Brave GK

For playing in the cold season, the qualities of thermal underwear that allow you to retain heat are determined by its thickness. Rather, here it is appropriate to talk about the weight of the product. After all, the thickness, in this case, indicates how much larger or smaller the air gap can be. It all depends on the interweaving of threads.

The lightness of the product suggests that it will be more difficult to keep warm. Accordingly, for low temperatures, you should choose heavier thermal underwear, as it is the warmest option.

Also, thermal underwear can be used to keep you cool. Many light-weight and form-fitting fabrics are designed to direct and evaporate body heat, as well as stimulate airflow to keep you cool in hot weather.

An important feauture when choosing thermal underwear is its versatility. Thermal underwear regulates the humidity level and body temperature, removes excess moisture, prevents overspending of the body's energy and hypothermia, dries quickly and heat loss is reduced to zero.

Therefore, thermal underwear should be made of absorbent materials. The surface area of absorbent materials is significantly larger than that of fabrics such as cotton, which facilitates the evaporation of moisture, and, in turn, helps the goalkeeper feel more confident and comfortable.

In addition, you need to pay attention to the fit of thermal underwear. In order to effectively perform its functions, the fabric must adhere to the skin. To do this, the landing should be relatively tight, but not squeeze the skin.

How to take care of goalkeeper thermal underwear

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Like other pieces of equipment, goalkeeper thermal underwear must be maintained properly. Cotton, because of its thin, delicate construction, makes care particularly difficult and requires hand washing. Like wool, cotton can shrink and become unusable after machine washing.

Synthetic fabrics, on the other hand, have excellent resistance to machine washing and fading. Use gentle detergents and your synthetic thermal underwear will last an extremely long time.

Some manufacturers claim that their products are able to withstand warm washing without deformation, but using cold water is safer. Also, do not wash your goalkeeper’s thermal underwear using bleaching agents.

After washing, the laundry should be left to dry on a flat surface, out of direct sunlight. It is also not recommended to iron thermal underwear.

Brave GK thermal underwear for goalkeepers

Thermal underwear for goalkeepers Brave GK-online store Brave GK

During times of increased physical activity, the body temperature rises, and the body begins to overheat and reacts to overheating by sweating and trying to cool down. Brave GK functional thermal underwear made from specially developed microfibers is the best choice for direct contact with your skin. Unlike cotton and other materials, it does not absorb water, but rather removes moisture very quickly and helps to stabilize the body temperature and maintain the goalkeeper's performance

In addition, Brave GK thermal underwear guarantees freedom and control of movement regardless of the situation. In the official Brave GK online store, you can find high-quality thermal underwear for adults and children and sets with additional protective inserts.

Professional protection for goalkeepers

Thermal underwear for goalkeepers Brave GK-online store Brave GK

Falling on hard ground or artificial turf can cause significant damage to the goalkeeper's health and performance. Especially for this purpose, protective equipment was developed, which includes both individual elements and protective inserts.

Most professional goalkeepers wear elbow pads, as well as shorts, T-shirts, and trousers with additional protective inserts on the shoulders and hips, areas that are most often hit.

When playing on dry or hard surfaces, you need to be sure that you will be sufficiently protected when you hit the ground. Otherwise, instinctively, you can try to defend yourself instead of defending your gate.

Brave GK protective goalkeeping equipment

Both during training sessions and at matches, the goalkeeper is exposed to maximum loads. Jumps, falls, tackles and other maneuvers require concentration and courage from the goalkeeper. But it is also very important to choose high-quality protective equipment that can ensure safety in any situation.

The official online store of the professional football equipment brand Brave GK offers a wide range of goalkeeping protection. Each product is equipped with protective inserts made of elastic material that does not restrict movement and guarantee the goalkeeper’s safety during falls.

You can buy both individual units - T-shirts, shorts, trousers, elbow pads, and protective sets for children and adults. Technological materials, the author's tailoring technology, as well as effective shock absorption of Brave GK protective equipment guarantee even more performance both during the match and training.