Taking care of goalkeeper gloves

Taking care of goalkeeper gloves

Gloves are the most important piece of equipment for any goalkeeper. At the same time, due to the uniqueness of the cut and materials, they are more difficult to care for. Goalkeeper gloves wear out much faster than other equipment if they are not taken care of properly. Gloves require constant maintenance and proper care for long service life and efficient use.

A comprehensive guide to the care of soccer gloves for goalkeepers

As manufacturers of Brave GK goalkeeping gloves, we want you to make the most of the potential of your gloves. That is why we have prepared a comprehensive guide to the care of gloves for goalkeepers. Thus, we want to extend the service life and improve the grip of your favorite gloves.

Goalkeeping gloves will inevitably get dirty during matches and training sessions. The dirtier your palms get, the lower your grip level becomes. The accumulation of too much dirt can cause the latex to rub off on your fingers and palms every time you touch the ball. Also, the problem can be sweat, an excess of which causes an unpleasant smell of the gloves and the multiplication of bacteria, which makes gloves fragile. To prevent this from happening, it is important to wash your goalkeeping gloves after each use.

Preparing for the game of goalkeeping gloves after purchase

Just purchased brand new gloves may contain excess dust and tiny particles. We recommend that you pre-wash your gloves in warm water without soap or with a special mild detergent, allowing them to dry naturally, away from bright light or heat sources.

Also, before each game, you should moisten your palms so that the latex is as compressed as possible and the coefficient of friction between the gloves and the ball is at a high level. To do this, moisten the surface of the gloves 2 hours before the start of the game, placing your palms under warm running water for 5 seconds on each side - enough for the latex to absorb a little amount of water.

Be careful not to wet your gloves completely, don’t let the water getting on surfaces other than the palm of your glove. Then, place the gloves where they won't dry completely (for example: wrap them in a towel and put them in a bag - the towel will dry out excess water, but your palms will be wet).

How to wash goalkeeper gloves

As soon as possible after each use, wash your gloves in warm water (maximum 30°C) and then dry them naturally away from strong heat sources. For the best result, you can use special detergents for goalkeeping gloves.

Never throw your goalie gloves in the washing machine without reading the instructions and making sure that the manufacturer recommends machine washing. Also, when hand washing, do not use scrapers or other tools that may damage the surface of the gloves.

Can goalkeeper gloves be washed in the washing machine?

Please note that the design of gloves depends on the brand and model. Examine the manufacturer's recommendations for washing. While some gloves are machine washable, others are only suitable for hand washing. If in doubt, wash your gloves hand. In this case, they must be turned inside out, placed in a pillowcase or a rag bag and washed in a delicate mode with the addition of a mild detergent. After that, dry the gloves on a towel.

How to wash goalkeeping gloves

For hand washing, put your gloves in a sink or washing dish. Do not use anything like a brush, as mechanical damage can shorten the service life of the gloves. Put a glove on one of your hands and submerge it in water. Clean the dirt with the other hand, then do the same with the other glove.

Wash your gloves under running water to remove any remaining dirt, sweat, and finally wash your mittens. Do not twist or wring your mittens to remove moisture. This can stretch the material and deform the seams.

Can goalkeeper gloves be washed with soap?

Even if there is a large amount of dirt, you should not use soap to clean your goalkeeping gloves. There are professional tools that carefully remove all dirt without harm to the equipment specially designed for washing goalkeeper gloves.

What to use for washing goalkeeper gloves

Now there are different types of special products for washing goalkeeper gloves. The range offers goalkeepers various sprays, shampoos, and other products for convenient and safe washing of mittens. Do not use regular shampoos, washing powders, or dishwashing gels, as they contain aggressive substances that can damage silicone and latex.

How to dry goalkeeper gloves

It is very important to properly dry your goalkeeper gloves. You can wrap them in a towel or let them dry by hanging them in the shower. Never use direct heat sources, such as hairdryers, and don’t leave them in the sun to dry. Although this can be quick, you should never leave your gloves in the dryer. Aggressive methods can damage your gloves, especially the palm area. In addition, it is forbidden to dry gloves on the radiator or in front of a fire.

Care products for goalkeeping gloves

A mild care product, such as spray can be used to care for goalkeeping gloves. This tool gently removes dirt, preserves the adhesion properties of latex, extending the service life of goalkeeper gloves. Detergent should be sprayed on the palms of the gloves previously moistened with water. Then rub it into the latex with light movements and rinse one more time under running water.

How to store goalie gloves

Dried gloves should be stored in a specially designed bag or small ventilated bag. At the same time, you can not leave them with the palms pressed together. They can stick together tightly and break or damage the silicone when disconnected. Don't forget to moisturize the palms area of your gloves a little just a couple of hours before the match for an effective grip and productive game.

How to make goalkeeper gloves sticky

Mittens show their maximum potential when they are neither too wet nor too dry, so keep them slightly moist most of the time. The surface of the palms of the mittens should be moisturized every 20 minutes before the game so that they become more sticky. You can do this with a small amount of water and a towel.

Means to improve the grip of goalkeeping gloves

There are also special tools to improve the grip of goalkeeping gloves. It is necessary to spray the surface of the palm with the product before playing, which will help to moisten the glove for a long time and maximize the level of grip. But do not forget to thoroughly wash off this product after each game.

How to extend the service life of goalkeeping gloves

It is important to understand that the deterioration of latex is inevitable, and you should not worry if you notice some wear and tear even after the first use. Latex is a very soft natural product and is therefore susceptible to wear and abrasion over time. Any latex - no matter what brand, model, or the price you choose - can start to show signs of wear from the very first use: this is normal because of the physical properties that give latex the grip you need.

Nevertheless, it is very important to follow all the recommendations for the care of goalkeeper gloves. Wash them after each game, do not use brushes or aggressive detergents, dry only outdoors, and do not use a hairdryer or a dryer for clothes. Careful and constant care will allow you to maintain the effectiveness of gloves and significantly extend their service life.