Protection and care products for goalkeeping gloves

Protection and care products for goalkeeping gloves

Brave GK Catalyst Gray means for protection of goalkeeper gloves online store Brave GK

The intense loads that goalkeeper gloves are subjected to affect their elasticity, strength, and durability. In our new article, we will tell you how to improve the efficiency and extend the service life of goalkeeping gloves.

How to take care of Brave GK goalkeeping gloves - Basic Rules

Brave GK Catalyst Grey means for protection of goalkeeper gloves online store Brave GK

The direct dependence of the service life of goalkeeping gloves on the intensity of their use is due to several factors, namely, moisture, salt, blows, and friction, which are integral elements of training and matches.

Professional goalkeepers choose exceptionally high-quality gloves and the higher the quality of the latex of the palm, the faster it wears out, but at the same time provides a really impressive grip on the ball.

The new goalkeeper gloves are treated with a dense layer of the special protective coating that prevents excessive drying of the palm. It is important to remember that before the first game or training session, this layer must be washed off under running water.

After washing, blot the gloves themselves with a towel and leave them to dry naturally out of the reach of UV rays. Once the gloves are dry, they are ready to use.

Brave GK Catalyst Grey means for protection of goalkeeper gloves online store Brave GK

Many professional goalkeepers use a simple life hack that improves grip and therefore performance. You just need to moisten your gloves before playing with a small amount of water. But with Brave GK gloves, you don't need to, because each of our models itself guarantees an excellent grip on the ball.

The main and most important rule of care for goalkeeping gloves is to wash them without after each match or training session, as this will allow you to quickly and effectively clean the gloves from dirt, as well as protect the latex surface from cracks and deformation.

Washing and storing goalkeeping gloves

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Important factors that affect the durability of gloves are proper washing and storage. It is not difficult to understand how to properly wash goalkeeper gloves, because all manufacturers leave instructions on the packaging for each pair. For your convenience, we have compiled a comprehensive guide to the care of professional goalkeeper gloves Brave GK.

First of all, we want to clarify that gloves for goalkeepers are best and safest to wash in warm water by hand, using special tools. In any case, do not wash goalie gloves with powder, soap, or other aggressive agents, they can dry out the latex, which will lead to cracks.

Moisten the goalkeeper gloves with water, if the contamination is small, everything will be easily washed off. If the gloves are still slightly dirty, repeat the procedure using detergent, but never clean the gloves with brushes or other hard objects that can scratch the latex. After that, rinse the gloves, blot off any excess moisture and put them to dry on a flat surface.

In addition, it is important to observe the proper storage of goalkeeping gloves. After washing, be sure to dry your gloves thoroughly before putting them in a bag or a case.

Otherwise, fungus may appear on them, and the gloves themselves are deformed. Also, never hold your gloves palm to palm, the grip will work against you and you simply won't be able to put them on.

Brave GK goalkeeping glove protection

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In order to better protect your goalkeeping gloves, you can use special care products. This way, you will protect your gloves from cracks and extend their service life.

Such products will help you eliminate the problems of rapid drying of latex during long-term storage, as well as make the latex more elastic and soft.

Wash and dry the goalie gloves thoroughly before storing them, then apply a protective agent to the palm surface and other latex areas. Wait for the gloves to dry and put them in a cool, dark place. We recommend periodically checking the condition of the palms and applying the product again if necessary. After storage, as well as after purchase, it is necessary to wash off the protective coating before using it for the first time.