New goalkeeper gloves Brave GK Fury Thunder: aqua latex, enlarged thumb, and double-lock cuff

New goalkeeper gloves Brave GK Fury Thunder: aqua latex, enlarged thumb, and double-lock cuff

In early November, Brave GK presented a new "Autumn 2021" collection, which included five professional models for adults and one model of children's goalkeeper gloves. Among them is Fury Thunder, which is positioned as a model designed specifically for playing in rain and snow. All-weather goalie gloves that are carefully designed and customized for difficult weather conditions.

In the new collection, the Fury Thunder model has been significantly improved. We used new, sometimes unusual materials, fresh technological solutions, and have rethought the design. Scroll down to find out more about the Brave GK Fury Thunder gloves and what interesting changes have been implemented by the Brave GK team.

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Goalkeeper gloves Brave GK Fury Thunder: three new advantages

The Fury Thunder model is one of the best in the Brave GK model line. Being one of the best sellers in its line, top Ukrainian goalkeepers Heorhiy Bushchan and Denys Boyko give this model the highest reviews. In the new autumn collection of 2021, Fury Thunder gloves are getting even better.

The first important advantage is the use of aqua latex. For the backhand, we used high-quality neoprene, while for the palm surface we have chosen the German aqua latex Supreme Aqua Contact Plus 4 mm. It is an elastic and resilient material that perfectly withstands heavy impact and perfectly retains its shape. More importantly, aqua latex is humidity resistant and does not accumulate moisture, which makes these goalie gloves made of aqua latex to be a perfect choice for playing in rain and snow. If the weather often changes outside, there is heavy rain, which sometimes turns into a shower, or a snow blizzard, aqua latex is the best material to use.

In addition, aqua latex is well ventilated, it is hygienic, has bactericidal properties, and is thermally stable. It is because of this amazing versatility that we decided to make a significant part of the Fury Thunder gloves to be made from aqua latex. We haven't used it in this model before. A perfect option for games and training in the fall, winter, or spring season, when the weather often is cold, windy, and can rapidly change at any moment.

Brave GK Fury Thunder - official online store Brave GK

The next important advantage of Brave GK Fury Thunder is an enlarged thumb made entirely of aqua latex. We made the thumb wider to increase the grip area to ensure the tightest fit possible and used elastic and resilient material for this.

The third advantage: in the lower part of each Fury Thunder glove, a rubberized two-turn cuff was introduced, providing improved fixation of the product on the hand. Previously, Fury Thunder had a slit on the cuff, but we have decided to replace it with a double-lock elastic band. At the moment, this solution is used only in two models - Evolution and Fury Thunder. The cuff is made of elastic rubber and provides excellent reliability.

Thus, the entire entrance group has been significantly changed in Fury Thunder gloves. Previously, there was a cut in the bottom of the glove, and the whole product was made of neoprene. Now, the backhand is made of neoprene, and on the other hand, the insert is made of elastic rubber, as on the Brave GK Unique model. The Punch Zone is made of transparent silicone, for better fist kicks during the match.

The main goal of these changes is to get an improved fit and higher comfort for the goalkeeper. In the Fury Thunder of the previous generation, we made an incision in the bottom of the glove to provide a better entrance for the goalkeeper's hand, however, experience has shown that the solution with an elastic rubberized double-locking fastener is liked by goalkeepers more. As a result, we changed the design of the gloves to ensure an excellent fit and even greater freedom of movement. We are sure that all this will allow the athletes to fully reveal their potential during games and training.

Finally, the design of the Brave GK Fury Thunder: we used a bright blue color with green elements, as well as white and light green colors. Pay special attention to the lightning pattern in Fury Thunder — we have selected special colors that have, as you can see, not only aesthetic significance.

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