Goalkeeper jumpsuit Brave GK: to maintain comfort in the cold and protect against injury on a hard surface

Goalkeeper jumpsuit Brave GK: to maintain comfort in the cold and protect against injury on a hard surface

The equipment set of a professional football goalkeeper includes a goalkeeper jumpsuit. It is necessary for a comfortable and safe game in any weather. When it's cold outside, it’s windy or raining, a warm goalkeeper jumpsuit helps to keep the muscles warm and joints flexible, protects from the cold and allows you to train at the highest level regardless of external conditions.

The assortment of Brave GK offers a goalkeeper jumpsuit with protective inserts, which, in addition to preserving warmth and comfort, protects from injuries and bruises. The protection elements are located in the upper part of the hips and elbows and prevent even the slightest damage when playing on hard and artificial fields.

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Goalkeeper jumpsuit Brave GK: effective thermoregulation in the cold season of the year

The Brave GK jumpsuit for football goalkeepers is made of 100% soft, gentle, and very elastic Polyester Rubax material. It is perfect for maintaining muscle tone on cold days when it is windy or raining outside. Due to the special composition, Polyester Rubax fabric provides effective thermoregulation at low air temperatures, while removing the excess moisture.

Polyester Rubax fabric does not constrain movements. The fitted and elastic cut of the jumpsuit allows the goalkeeper to move freely and confidently in any condition.

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Brave GK Goalkeeper Jumpsuit: Shock absorption and scratch protection

The integrity of the jumpsuit, as well as the presence of protective inserts in the hips and elbows, provide high protection from bumps and damage during falls. The protection on the hips and elbows perfectly absorbs when falling, especially on an artificial field or a hard floor of the hall. Additional protective inserts protect against unwanted injuries. If you train or play in such a goalkeeper jumpsuit, the probability of scratches, bruises, and injuries is minimized.

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Brave GK goalkeeper jumpsuit: buy in the official online store

Choose and use goalie equipment so that your games and training sessions are held at the maximum level. The Brave GK goalkeeper jumpsuit with protection is available in our online store. It is designed for professional athletes and provides exclusive comfort and a high degree of protection in any playing conditions. The high-class innovative Polyester Rubax fabric perfectly transmits sweat and softens blows. The durable material is resistant to abrasion and guarantees a long service life.

Choose the right size, and the Brave GK team will quickly send a goalkeeper jumpsuit to your city.

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