Fall 2021: New collection of Brave GK goalkeeper gloves

Fall 2021: New collection of Brave GK goalkeeper gloves

Brave GK presents a new collection of goalkeeper gloves "Autumn 2021", which includes five models for adults - Phantom White, Phantom Kong, Fury Thunder, Evolution, Camo Orange, and one model for children - Brave GK Camo Orange. In the very near future, the new Brave GK models will be presented at the matches of the Ukrainian Premier League, national teams, and foreign championships. And of course, the new collection of goalkeeper gloves Brave GK can already be bought in the official online store.

Reference. Brave GK is the largest brand of professional sports equipment in Ukraine, founded by goalkeeper Rustam Khudzhamov. It produces goalkeeper gloves, football equipment, clothing, and accessories for sports. Among the ambassadors of the Brave GK brand, there are dozens of top football players playing for Ukrainian and foreign clubs, namely Maksym Koval, Bohdan Shust, Heorhiy Bushchan, Bohdan Sarnavskyi, Artem Kichak, Valeriy Yurchuk, Andriy Klishchuk, Anton Yashkov, German Penkov, Oleksandr Nad, Pavel Isenko, Denys Sydorenko, Artem Pospelov, Dmytro Reznik, as well as Real Madrid goalkeeper Andriy Lunin.

So, the new collection of Brave GK goalkeeper gloves "Autumn 2021".

Goalkeeper gloves Brave GK Phantom White: minimalistic design and maximum performance

The Phantome White model was developed with the participation of our ambassador Bohdan Sarnavskyi, goalkeeper of the Kryvbas and Dnipro-1 football clubs. The Phantom White are exclusive goalkeeper gloves in an updated, minimalistic design: they are completely made in white, but with light green accents on the Brave GK logo and the patch. In terms of properties, the main feature of Brave GK Phantom White gloves is a high level of grip with the ball in wet weather. Please note, the new Phantom White model comes out in a very limited series and will not be re-released - do not miss your chance!

Brave GK Phantome White - official online store Brave GK

Goalkeeper gloves Brave GK Phantom Kong: unsurpassed efficiency in any weather

Brave GK Phantome Kong gloves are based on the Rain Pro model, which has a great grip for playing under the rain. The new Phantom Kong has a bright design created with the participation of Denys Boyko, a Dynamo Kyiv player, and the Ukrainian national team. The modular design includes three zones: a reinforced part for playing with a fist, a durable backhand, and a thumb made of latex. We used a special white aqua latex to provide a radically new level of grip with the ball in rainy weather. Technology, comfort, and style are the main features of the new exclusive Brave GK model for Denys Boyko.

Brave GK Phantome Kong - official online store Brave GK

Brave GK Fury Thunder goalkeeper gloves: perfect fit and freedom of movement

TheFury Thunder model has interesting technological features, as Brave GK managed to implement several revolutionary solutions in this model. The thumb has been significantly redesigned and is now completely covered with latex for an even tighter fit than ever before. The slit on the cuff has disappeared, while a rubberized double clasp was added, which allows fixing the gloves on the player's hand even better. For the backhand we used neoprene, and for the palm, we used high—class blue aqua latex. The result is an amazing performance regardless of the complexity of weather or game conditions.

Brave GK Fury Thunder - official online store Brave GK

Goalkeeper gloves Brave GK Evolution: the pinnacle of the evolution of efficiency and comfort

Brave GK Evolution is the flagship model in the "Autumn 2021" collection. Created on the basis of the Rescuer Work Hard, these goalkeeper gloves are distinguished by improved materials, optimized construction, and fresh design. For the backside, we took a particularly durable neoprene instead of latex, and for the cuff, we used a two-turn elastic band with stitching on both sides instead of fixing Velcro - from now on, the cuff will not spin on the hand during the game, and the fit will be extremely tight. Also note the enlarged 3D Punch zone, for which we used small silicone parts: now it covers the entire backhand and provides better grip.

Brave GK Evolution - official online store Brave GK

Goalkeeper gloves Brave GK Camo Orange: unsurpassed confidence and control

In the new Camo Orange model, the Brave GK brand redefines the concept of versatility: it is distinguished by the highest degree of grip with the ball, freedom of movement, wear-resistance, and durability. We have thoroughly worked to ensure that Camo Orange goalie gloves can be used on artificial and hard fields. Thanks to a thorough, but subtle modernization, we got an improved fit, while maintaining the same high comfort for the goalkeeper. The basis for the Brave GK Camo Orange gloves was the Courage model, already familiar to the goalkeepers of Ukraine.

Brave GK Camo Orange - official online store Brave GK

Children's goalkeeper gloves Brave GK Camo Orange: an amazing combination of design and technology

The combination of excellent grip with the ball, ease of movement, and convenience, which can be compared with little else - this is how you can describe the Camo Orange goalkeeper gloves for children. Based on the popular Courage model, they are made of top German latex, with a Flat Palm cut. Technological innovations are combined here with comfort and unsurpassed durability. It is hardly possible to find better goalkeeper gloves for children.
Дитячі Brave GK Camo Orange - official online store Brave GK

Купити воротарські рукавиці для дорослих та дітей із нової колекції Brave GK «Осінь 2021» вже можна в офіційному інтернет-магазині.