Dynamo Kyiv goalkeepers play in Brave GK gloves

Dynamo Kyiv goalkeepers play in Brave GK gloves

The goalkeeper team of the top Ukrainian club Dynamo Kyiv uses professional equipment Brave GK. Heorhiy Bushchan, Denys Boyko, and the new young goalkeeper of the capital club Valentyn Morgun play in our gloves.

We are happy that Brave GK products are chosen by the strongest goalkeepers in the country. This is an absolute indicator that Brave GK goalkeeper gloves are able to meet the highest requirements of professional sports.

Goalkeepers of Dynamo Kyiv currently use Brave GK gloves both during training and in official matches. You can see our equipment in the matches of the Ukrainian Premier League, Champions League, and friendly matches.

Georgy Bushchan in Brave GK Courage White gloves - official online store Brave GK

Georgy Buschan plays with gloves Brave GK Courage White

The Courage White model is now available in our online store, however, an exclusive version of these gloves was designed for the Bushchan, with some differences in design. Heorhiy’s gloves have a special palm design and personally selected German latex. In regards to the design of the gloves, the difference lies in the reduced logo of Brave GK. The UEFA has strict requirements for the design of football players' equipment - if the logo of the manufacturer's brand is too large, it is considered advertising. Otherwise, the Courage White gloves are identical to the serial version: an upgraded Gecko cut, convenient fixation technology, and a great design.

Georgy Bushchan in Brave GK Rain Pro gloves - official online store Brave GK

Denis Boyko performs in Brave GK Fury and Phantome Kong gloves

In collaboration with Denis Boyko, we have developed two models of exclusive Brave GK gloves - Fury and Phantome Kong.

Brave GK Fury for Denis Boyko

A new generation of Fury gloves has recently been released, with a modified fist area, improved cut and flawless insulation. The model is based on high-quality German latex 4mm SUPREME AQUA CONTACT PLUS with 4mm foam backing. Its use allowed to make gloves lighter and more comfortable for the goalkeeper. We optimized them for rain, snow and wind.

Denis Boyko Brave GK Fury - official online store Brave GK

Brave GK Phantom Kong for Denys Boyko

Professional goalkeeper gloves Brave GK Phantom Kong are a part of our new collection and the second exclusive model for Denys Boyko. They have a new bright design developed in collaboration with Denys, as well as a unique modular design with a reinforced fist area, a durable backhand, and a latex-covered thumb. For the Phantom Kong palm, we took an exclusive white aqua latex, which is great for changing weather conditions.

Denis Boyko Brave GK Phantome Kong - official online store Brave GK

Valentin Morgun uses Brave GK Phantom White, Phantom Kong, and Rain Pro gloves

20-year-old Valentyn Morgun recently became one of the four goalkeepers of the capital football club. We congratulate Valentyn on this achievement and wish him success! Valentyn uses four Brave GK models in training and matches, depending on the conditions - Phantom White, Phantom Kong, Fury, and Rain Pro.

Brave GK Phantom White for Goalkeeper Morgun

The Phantom White model allows Valentyn to play with confidence in rainy and snowy weather. The gloves have a minimalistic design and a well-thought-out fixation system on the hand.

Valentin Morgun Brave GK Phantome White- official online store Brave GK

Brave GK Phantom Kong for Goalkeeper Morgun

Brave GK Phantom Kong gloves also offer excellent grip in wet weather but have their own characteristics in terms of materials and construction. They have a modular design of three zones, including a reinforced part for playing with a fist, a durable backhand, and a latex thumb, as well as a base made of special white aqua latex.

Brave GK Rain Pro for Valentine Morgun

In addition to the Fury model, which we have already written about above, the young goalkeeper of the Kyiv club Morgun uses Rain Pro gloves: in 2021, we released a new generation, where we have significantly updated the design and added latex. The use of new material reduces the likelihood of slipping the ball and makes it possible to use the fist more effectively.

Goalkeeper gloves Brave GK Courage White, Phantome White, Phantome Kong та Fury are available for order in the official online store of professional equipment Brave GK.

Valentin Morgun Brave GK Rain Pro- official online store Brave GK