Brave GK news - release of the women's goalkeeping glove collection and other events of fall 2021

Brave GK news - release of the women's goalkeeping glove collection and other events of fall 2021

The fall 2021 season is in full swing so we decided to share with you our plans and upcoming premieres. Over the next few months, The Brave GK brand is preparing to release a collection of women's goalkeeping gloves and many other important updates. Read more in our article.

Brave GK news

Why do goalkeepers choose Brave GK?

In October 2021, Brave GK celebrates its first anniversary – 5 years! We are confident that for five years of hard work, development, and the constant pursuit of excellence, we have managed to achieve a lot and win our place among domestic and foreign goalkeepers who preferred our brand.

A few facts about why goalkeepers choose Brave GK:

  • ● The founder of the brand is a goalkeeper who played in the Champions League, the Ukrainian Championship, and defended the colors of the national team. Rustam Khudzhamov created Brave GK in 2016. The foundation of the brand is 28 years of training, matches, wins, and losses. The invaluable experience that the player gained during his career helped to realize the idea and turn the dream into a unique brand.

  • ● Our team consists exclusively of professionals in their field. We thoroughly know how gloves should fit on your hand and what nuances should be taken into consideration when creating equipment for playing in wet weather or on a dry field. Having studied all the subtleties of the goalkeeper's work in any conditions and in any weather, Rustam Khudzhamov managed to create a really high-quality product.

  • ● The design of our gloves reflects the individual characteristics of each model and current trends. We closely follow global trends and choose for our gloves those that will help reflect the values and philosophy of our brand, will appeal to goalkeepers, and will be remembered.
Why do goalkeepers choose Brave GK? - online-shop Brave GK
  • ● The cost of Brave GK goalie gloves corresponds to the quality of each product. For the production of gloves, we use a 4 millimeters layer of natural German latex, but thanks to the introduction of modern technologies in production, we can guarantee high-quality gloves and reasonable prices. At the same time, we make even children's models from materials that we use for adult gloves and never skimp on latex.

  • ● For the convenience of our clients, we have created a "personal account" on the official Brave GK website. By purchasing any product on our website, you accumulate points that give you the opportunity to get a permanent discount on the entire range.

  • ● Our brand is the first in Ukraine to develop individual glove designs for its ambassadors. Some of the special models go into mass production.

Brave GK is constantly developing, working on improving its bestsellers and developing new models. We strive to provide exceptional quality equipment and are grateful to those goalkeepers who believed in us once and still choose our brand. Made by a goalkeeper for goalkeepers!

Brave GK is working on improving its bestsellers and developing new models - online-shop Brave GK

Brave GK is the first brand in Ukraine to create goalkeeper gloves for women

Brave GK's slogan reads: "Fortune favors the brave” – four words that go beyond age, experience, gender identity, and can inspire everyone. This is exactly what Rustam Khudzhamov aspired to from the very beginning, creating the Brave GK brand.

In modern Ukrainian and world football, there are more and more women who not only support their favorite team but also play at a professional level. But even despite how quickly women's football is becoming popular, sports equipment brands have not yet adapted their range to the needs of female goalkeepers. Therefore, we decided to support the brave and talented women and create a separate line of women's goalkeeping gloves. The collection will include women's Brave GK Skill, Winner, Unique, Courage, and several brand new models.

In the process of developing a series of professional goalkeeper gloves for women, The Brave GK team took into account all the features of the anatomy of the hands and movements. In such a way, we have managed to adapt technologies, designs, and materials for the comfort of female goalkeepers.

Brave GK – the first brand in Ukraine to create goalie gloves for women - online-shop Brave GK