Brave GK goalkeeping gloves for hard fields

Brave GK goalkeeping gloves for hard fields

Every goalkeeper knows how significant his role and responsibility on the field are. The goalkeeper has no right to make mistakes, both during the game and in the choice of equipment. Knowing how important this is, we have prepared a material about goalkeeping gloves for hard fields, where we will look in detail at Brave GK Skill goalkeeping gloves.

Goalkeeper gloves Brave GK skil official online store Brave GK

How to choose goalkeeping gloves for artificial fields

Goalkeeper gloves Brave GK Skill-official online store Brave GK

In social networks, we receive a lot of questions every day, but the most relevant one is definitely the question of which goalkeeper gloves are best suited for playing on a hard-surface field. In order to answer this question, you first need to understand what exactly the hard field surface is.

Today, three types of coatings are most popular in the world, namely, artificial, natural, and combined. The natural field is sown grass and is the most suitable surface for productive and comfortable play.

The combined lawn is a combination of natural grass and synthetic thread, which allows you to increase the level of resistance of the coating to mechanical damage and erosion. An artificial field is the most rigid but at the same time durable surface and consists of a mixture of artificial grass and special backfill.

Goalkeeper gloves Brave GK Skill-official online-store Brave GK

Artificial turf is rightly considered the most wear-resistant and practical, but it also has disadvantages, the main one of which is the destructive effect on goalkeeping gloves. Every time a goalkeeper lands on artificial turf, his gloves get a lot of damage, which as a result leads to the shorter service life of the gloves.

Faced with this problem, many brands offer special goalkeeping gloves for hard fields as a solution. Such gloves do have a longer service life, but their latex does not provide the necessary grip, which significantly reduces the effectiveness of the goalkeeper.

Also, as an alternative solution, training gloves for artificial turf have been put on sale. Thus, in training, the goalkeeper is equipped with stronger gloves that are resistant to wear but do not have a high level of grip.

Knowing about the existing problem from his own experience, the founder of the Brave GK brand, Rustam Khudzhamov, was actively developing gloves for goalkeepers that would be resistant to impact on hard surfaces, but at the same time provide excellent grip on the ball.

The result is the Brave GK Skill goalkeeping gloves - a model that is ideal for confident play on an artificial field and guarantees not only strength but also control over the ball.

Brave GK Skill for playing on hard surfaces

Goalkeeper gloves Brave Skill official online store Brave-GK

Choosing the right gloves for a particular surface is Skillly important. In order to provide the goalkeeper with comfort, safety, and performance, but also to have a sufficiently long service life, goalkeeper gloves must be selected correctly.

Since the working surface of goalkeeping gloves is the palms made of soft latex, wear is a natural result of their use. However, during training sessions and matches in the warm season, when the field is particularly hard, or on artificial turf, the service life of gloves is significantly reduced.

The softer the latex, the better the grip on the ball, but the faster it wears out. Creating an exceptional balance between strength and efficiency has become the main goal of the Brave GK brand.

As a result of the development of prototypes of universal goalkeeping gloves, their testing, and modernization, our brand managed to create a model that became a new quality standard and allowed goalkeepers to enjoy the benefits of excellent grip without compromising on strength.

Also, the Brave GK Skill model has a comfortable locking system thanks to an elastic cuff and a rubberized strap. Another advantage of the model is that it is great for both professionals and amateurs.

Thus, the combination of the professional experience of Rustam Khudzhamov, careful selection of materials, as well as the development and testing of prototypes, eventually allowed us to create universal goalkeeper gloves for dry fields and hard surfaces - Brave GK Skill.

Goalkeeper gloves Brave-GK Skill-official online store Brave GK

Brave GK Skill goalkeeping gloves for maximum efficiency

Brave GK Skill professional goalkeeping gloves were one of the first models released by our brand of football equipment. It is due to their unique qualities that the Skill model is the standard of wear resistance and remains in demand until now.

Creating new collections, Brave GK does not stop releasing Brave GK Skill for hard fields. Receiving feedback from goalkeepers and based on our own experience, as well as in accordance with modern technologies, we constantly upgrade Brave GK Skill gloves to achieve maximum quality.

Talented goalkeeper of the Donetsk club "Olimpik " Artem Kichak is a long-time fan of Brave GK Skill gloves and chooses a model for both training and matches on hard surfaces.

You can buy Brave GK Skill goalkeeping gloves on our website. A modern purchasing and payment system will allow you to order gloves for goalkeepers with delivery conveniently and quickly.

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