Goalkeeper socks White Brave GK
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Goalkeeper socks White Brave GK
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Goalkeeper socks White

White goalie socks Brave GK are made of durable material with special compression zones to support the ankle and arch of the foot, which guarantees the goalkeeper’s comfort and safety at an appropriate level by means of water-wicking material and effective temperature regulation.

Brave GK socks come with technological cushioning zones and an advanced ergonomic cut. It allows the goalkeeper to feel confident and in control of every movement without putting too much load on the foot.

Product information
  • Material: 40% nylon, 40% cotton, 15% polyester, 5% spandex.
  • Cut: Ergonomic cut provides a tight fit.
  • Technology: Material with high moisture transmission for additional comfort.
  • Color: White.

White football socks Brave GK

Pro goalie socks Brave GK with functions of moisture transmission and temperature control provide optimal load balancing along with a perfect fit, giving the goalkeeper confidence under any circumstances. You can order pro goalie socks on our user-friendly website. A helpful catalog and simplified ordering system allow you to buy socks in a convenient way.