Goalkeeper socks Orange Brave GK
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Goalkeeper socks Orange Brave GK
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Goalkeeper socks Orange

Professional football socks of orange color are made of functional fabric with compression zones in the cross-section of the foot and ankle, ensuring the support and comfort of the goalkeeper thanks to effective moisture wicking and thermoregulation function.

The Brave GK mid-calf socks with multiple cushioning zones and an anatomical fit allow the goalkeeper to feel confident and reduce pressure on the ankle.

Product information
  • Material: 40% nylon, 40% cotton, 15% polyester, 5% spandex.
  • Cut: Ergonomic cut provides a tight fit.
  • Technology: material with high moisture transmission for additional comfort.
  • Color: Orange.

Orange Football Socks Brave GK

Orange football socks for goalkeepers have the functions of thermoregulation, moisture transmission, help to distribute the load on the foot and guarantee a comfortable fit, which allows the goalkeeper to act with confidence even in the most extreme situations.

You can buy orange Brave GK football socks on the official website of the Brave GK. The consistent structure of the catalog and the ability to order quickly will allow you to buy socks for goalkeepers in a way convenient for you.