Brave GK Unique 2.0
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Brave GK Unique 2.0
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Goalkeeper gloves Brave GK Unique 2.0

Control every movement.
The new Brave GK Unique 2.0 goalkeeper gloves, made from natural German latex, combine exclusive design, freedom of movement, and a high level of grip. Technological construction and Negative Roll cut ensure performance in both dry and rainy conditions.

The model has a convenient fixation system. Thanks to the elasticated cuff you can easily unbutton the gloves by grasping the rubberized strap. The improved construction of the Brave GK Unique 2.0 provides the goalkeeper with even more comfort and performance.

Product information
  • Latex: 4 mm SUPREME + 4 mm of backing foam.
  • Finger fit: Negative Roll.
  • Fix Fit System: silicone inserts in the palm area for effective control of the ball.
  • Backhand: neoprene effectively absorbs hits and follows the contour of the hand for even more productive play.
  • Colors: Yellow/Black/White.
  • Protective inserts: no.

Exclusive goalkeeper gloves Brave GK Unique 2.0.

The main functions of goalkeeper gloves are to protect the goalkeeper's hands from hits and to provide a grip with the ball. Properly selected gloves help to improve the goalkeeper's performance.

The quality of the materials that we use for the manufacturing of the Brave GK Unique 2.0 gloves corresponds to the level of well-known world brands. Natural latex and our technological developments allowed us to bring the quality of goalkeeper gloves to a radically new level of football equipment.

You can buy Brave GK Unique 2.0 goalkeeper gloves on the official website of the Brave GK. A simplified ordering and payment system allows you to purchase Brave GK Unique 2.0 gloves quickly and conveniently.

Detailed information on technologies and materials:

  • Latex: 4 mm SUPREME + 4 mm of backing foam.
  • German latex.
  • Finger fit: Negative Roll.
  • Extra latex inserts between fingers.
  • Fix Fit System: silicone spray inside the fingers for maximum ball control.
  • The base of the glove is made of neoprene.
  • Colors: Yellow/Black/White.
  • Protective inserts: no.
  • Backhand: strong yet flexible punching zone made of silicone-like material.
  • Latex on the thumb: the palm is wrapped around the thumb for an ergonomic shape and increased grip.
  • Fixed cuff: highly elastic fabric guarantees a perfect fit and extra wrist support.
  • Purpose: for training and professional gaming.
  • For all weather conditions.
  • High performance sticky latex.
  • Elastic hook-and-loop closure made from latex.
  • Protection from cold and wind.
  • Optimized for a play in a soggy weather.